Growth or fixed mindset – which are you?

There are two mindsets people tend to embody – a “fixed” or a “growth” mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset tend to believe their intelligence, personal attributes and skills are permanent and something they were born with. They spend most of their days keeping up appearances by proving these qualities to others and avoiding failure. This is their belief of success, but when failure occurs people with a fixed mindset question their competence and self-worth while being overly concerned of being judged by others.

On the contrary, those with a growth mindset look at life in an entirely different light. They view their skills, personality traits and qualities as something they can develop and enhance through their own efforts. They believe change and growth is always possible and necessary to succeed. Failures are not seen as flaws, but opportunities to learn.  They want to challenge themselves, push their limits and strive to achieve things that others may not think they are capable of.

Virtually all people who are admired for their strength, talent and perseverance are shown to have a growth mindset. These people have accomplished great things, have a zest for learning and show great resilience to conquer their goals in life.

The good news is – you can transform your mindset.

Start noticing

You may think you are a person who has a growth mindset, but is that really the case? Become aware of how you react to your failures, opportunities or challenges you face.  Is there a little negative voice in your head when make a mistake or discouraging you from pushing yourself a little harder? Being aware of your mindset is the first step to creating change.

Allow for constructive criticism

No one likes hearing negative opinions about their work, personality or abilities but constructive criticism can be so helpful in our development and growth.  Seeking out the opinions from those people you admire and taking their comments will help you to succeed.

Challenge yourself 

During a workout when you think you have nothing left, push yourself a little harder.  Challenge yourself to complete a task even if you think you’re mentally stretched or it’s beyond your abilities. Those in a growth mindset visualize themselves accomplishing the challenge at hand.

Learn from your mistakes

If you embody a growth mindset, you understand that the failures and mistakes you make are great learning tools.

Curb your self-talk

Rather than thinking ‘I can’t do it’, try saying to yourself ‘at the next attempt, I will accomplish it’.

You have a choice in how you perceive life and how others perceive you. You can challenge yourself to achieve your goals and make your journey a memorable one. It is this strength, resilience and drive people admire the most.

So how are you going to live your life – with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

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