Be bold for change

International Women’s Day is about acknowledging the progress we have made toward achieving equality as well as focusing on the future.

In the spirit of this year’s theme we invited five inspiring female leaders to share with us what ‘Being Bold for Change’ means to them.

Cherise Barrie, Sovereign Chief Financial Officer

“I encourage every woman to believe they can have it all – and have it all at the same time. It’s hard but I’m doing it myself. We all make different choices about our destination, there is no right or wrong as to where the destination is.”

 Sharron-Moana Botica, Sovereign Chief Customer Officer

“In 2009, I was the only woman on Sovereign’s leadership team and there was a significant pay gap. I was the noise at the table who would consistently say – that’s not good enough. It didn’t always make me popular but that’s ok, it needed to be done. My war wounds made me stronger. I’m proud to say that Sovereign has now achieved gender balance across all levels of the organisation and closed the gender pay gap. In fact last year we were recognised as a gold finalist at the YWCA Pay awards.”

Brianna Hill, Youthline Marketing and Information Services Manager

“Being bold is making lots of little decisions every day that add up.”

“It is important the young men and women I work with understand and hear that I am comfortable and confident in my own skin, that visibility might help them be comfortable in theirs.”

 Nicola Smith, healthy living expert and director of

“We have a lot of information thrown at us all of the time and we can get paralysed. You’ve got to come back to basics. Being bold could be putting yourself first. You will boost your confidence when you balance your wellbeing – make small changes that build overall wellness.”

Clare O’Higgins, Look Good Feel Better CEO

“Look Good Feel Better exists to provide a wonderful, non-medical day for women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. These are women who just want to feel normal and it’s our job to make it the best day ever. So, for me it is simple – I need to be bold for them.”

“The charity sector is heavily female orientated – so we actively seek diversity of voices from husbands, brothers and other family members. If you only ever hear one voice you could miss an opportunity. You need to be bold and face your fear of what others might say.”

Author: Rebecca Emery

I'm responsible for Sovereign's public relations, social media and corporate social responsibility. Sharing information that helps Kiwis take charge of their health and wellbeing is a key part of my job. And I do everything that I can to help people understand the role of insurance in society and what sets Sovereign apart from the rest. I have worked in a variety of communications roles within the education, not-for-profit and tourism sectors over the last 14 years. I started working in social media about 10 years ago....which I think makes me a dinosaur. I hope you enjoy SovBlog, it's been a passion of mine for the last few years.

One thought

  1. Thank you for writing this blog. It is always good to hear other peoples perspective on important issues esp when it is inspiring women leaders. When we have doubts and hurdles about where we are going or doing such positive thoughts and ideas will help us overcome those hurdles and go forward.


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