Making your claims experience easier

The claims process for life and health insurance is quite different to general insurance and it’s important to have realistic expectations about how long things will take.

Our claims team is set up to ensure that customers are supported and fully informed throughout the process with clear case management and accountability. We understand that our customers are contacting us at a difficult time in their lives and we want to do everything we can to make things easier for them.

We also want to pay claims as quickly as possible, in fact it’s easier for us to pay a claim than decline it. But the process can be complicated and there is essential documentation that we need to gather, which can take time.

Where we are most likely to experience delays is in getting medical information from third parties. You can help to speed up the process by keeping detailed medical and specialist notes, including referrals, together so you have access to them when you need them.

Early notification is key to helping the process along. The earlier you make contact with your insurer, the quicker things can get started. Disability Income claims are a good example. We can start providing proactive rehabilitation that allows clients to return to work sooner than expected. This can occur before a benefit payment is made.

If you have an adviser they can make the process much easier for you at claim time. If you give full consent when you lodge your claim, your adviser can manage the process on your behalf. Their understanding of the process can make a huge difference during a difficult time. They can also regularly review your insurance with you and help you understand exactly what you are covered for.

Here are my top tips to improve your claims process:

  • Notify us as quickly as possible so we can get started.
  • Talk to your adviser about the benefits of joint ownership on your life policy.
  • Keep copies of your medical notes and referrals.
  • Regularly review your policies and understand what you are covered for.
  • Build a relationship with an adviser to set up and manage your policies.
  • Understand that information gathering at time of claim can take time and we’re working as hard as we can to pay your claim.

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