Recharge for better employee wellbeing

Sovereign is proud to now be part of the AIA Australia family. With this our employees now enjoy some fantastic benefits including four Recharge Days per year. Our people can take one day a quarter in addition to annual and sick leave, giving time to take a break and relax, spoil themselves, spend time with friends and family or boost their mental or physical wellbeing. Here, our Chief Customer Officer Sharron Botica shares how she likes to spend her recharge days…

“Since the acquisition of Sovereign by AIA in July it has been very busy for many of our people (leading up to the date of sale and now as we work to bring our two companies together).  Often companies can take an approach of working employees so hard that performance issues and sickness can hit hard. But not at AIA and Sovereign.  One of the new benefits available to our team are four ‘recharge’ days per year.

“As an Executive, it’s really important to me that I role model wellbeing. For my first Recharge Day I put the phone on airplane mode, added an out of office to my emails that said I was on my Recharge Day and wouldn’t be replying to emails and had a great day with a massage, coffee and finished with wine and dinner with friends.  Personally perfect for me to recharge!

“Companies need to find new ways to support employee wellbeing, at AIA and Sovereign we’re on a mission to help our customers and the community live longer healthier lives. It’s always important to start at home with your employee wellbeing.  It’s a big investment but we reckon we’ll reap the rewards with improved productivity and employee engagement.”

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